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Hi! My name is Catalina. I am a young blogger who has a reputation as The Feline Queen! I love felines so much that I started this website, The Feline Universe, so I could let other people learn about felines! I’ve been writing since last August, and I’ve managed to make 31 posts! Anyways, here’s a bit of info about myself:

I have two awesome kitties, a big sister, and my mom and dad. I’m very lucky to have such a great family. I started studying felines around when I adopted my first cat, Shadow, in 2017. I realized that felines were in trouble, so I started trying to help them. My first act was trying to get a second cat. Since my family is awesome, I succeeded! I got Domino in January 2018. Then, last August I started this website. At first I wasn’t such a great writer, but I soon improved. Even when I’m busy, I still try to work on my website. I really want to help felines, and so should YOU! Remember, anything is possible! We can do it!

The Feline Queen ❤️

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