About Me

Hi! My name is Catalina. I am a very young blogger who has a reputation as The Feline Queen! I love felines so much that I started this website, The Feline Universe, so I could let other people learn about felines! I’ve been writing since last August, and I’ve managed to make 31 posts! Anyways, here’s a bit of info about myself:

I have two awesome kitties, a big sister, and my mom and dad. I’m very lucky to have such a great family. I started studying felines around when I adopted my first cat, Shadow, in 2017. I realized that felines were in trouble, so I started trying to help them. My first act was trying to get a second cat. Since my family is awesome, I succeeded! I got Domino in January 2018. Then, last August I started this website. At first I wasn’t such a great writer, but I soon improved. Even when I’m busy, I still try to work on my website. I really want to help felines, and so should YOU.

The Feline Queen ❤️

Making Kitties POPULAR!

Cats aren’t really thought of much…YOU can change that!

Kitty Celebs

One way to spread the word is first spreading the word of cats such as Lil BUB, Nanakuli, or even Grumpy Cat! When people find kitty celebs interesting, they might want to study these cats more, making them learn more about the cat’s…situation. This is really effective, because most people have heard of popular cat celebs like Grumpy Cat.


Now, here’s where the fun comes in! Are you just great at being annoying? Well, this is a job for you! In every single conversation, with your parents or friends, mention cats. Try to make cats seem very interesting. (Which they are.) If they seem interested, go deeper. Explain how cats are sadly suffering, and how we can help. If they’re not interested, just keep talking about them until they finally give in. Another way is writing about the kitties, like me. This is also very effective, since the whole world is able to see this. If you want to be VERY loud, then…start a march! Or, you could educate your friends and family! Even a 7 year old can help!

The Feline Queen ❤️